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This Infographic Explaining IT Jobs is Too Real

“Front-End”, “Lead Gen”, “Content Marketing” — there are so many cogs that make an organization go ’round and each has their funny quirks. Half the time one department really isn’t sure what the other does. While that may cause frustration, it will all be solved in this helpful post.

If you’ve ever been part of an organization with these business functions and had to deal with a crisis, then you are going to appreciate this infographic form Toggl. It uses a simple example — a broken light bulb — to explain the stereotypical ways that each department deals with issues.

Which is your favourite/most relatable? We can’t wait to hear your feedback in the comments below.

This Infographic Explaining IT Jobs is Too Real
Comic for Toggl.com, created by the Toggl Goon Squad

1 thought on “This Infographic Explaining IT Jobs is Too Real

  1. I think I have to pick IT Support as my favourite. Imagine if the power was out in the entire building … you could order a whole new building from stock! Wouldn’t that be great … especially if you work in an earthquake zone!
    Of course … I’m a PM … so I couldn’t pick that one … even though I really appreciated the straight forward way the PM ensured that the light bulb was actually broken!

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