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The Benefits of Being an Independent Contractor (Video)

It’s no secret to our readers that independent contracting has a number of benefits, as well as some risks that go with it. If you’re new to this, and still exploring the idea of freelancing, whether in IT or any other field, then take a couple minutes to watch this video from Xero Accounting Software. Ryan Baker of Upsourced Accounting discusses the benefits and challenges associated with being your own boss.

If you still have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below or get in touch with your favourite recruitment agency.

3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being an Independent Contractor (Video)

  1. Hello there. How can I become an independent contractor out from Canada for Eagle company? I have 25 years experience as a .NET developer

    1. Apply for contract roles requiring .net experience via Eagle.
      You will have to open your own corporation (or sole proprietorship) and have banker and accountant. Should you grow your business to more than one man band, you might need a lawyer as well.

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