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All Talent Development Centre posts for Canadian technology contractors relating to a year in review.

2015 in Review: Working in the Federal Government

2015 in Review: Working in the Federal GovernmentIndependent contractors who have worked with government clients know that the experience can be completely different from working in the private sector. There are often more processes and longer timelines, with various hoops to jump through.

In the past year, David O’Brien, Eagle’s Vice-President of Government Services, has shared a few important pieces on this topic, specifically with the Federal Government. If you’re in the National Capital Region and haven’t already seen some of these posts, have a look:

2015 in Review: Interviews

Year in Review: Interviews We often talk to our readers and contractors to find out what they want to learn more about, which is how we come up with topics for our posts. Job interviews — both with recruiters and end-clients — are a common requested subject. After taking a look back at our posts over the last 365 days, it’s safe to say that we delivered!

First, Frances McCart, Vice-President of Business Development at Eagle, gave some tips on handling the most dreaded interview question.

Eagle’s recruiters also answered a survey to help us understand what they think makes a great interview, and we shared their responses in a number of posts:

For help on specific types of interviews, check out these posts: