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Contractor Quick Poll Results: What’s your favourite Winter sport?

We’re in the midst of Winter. Some people are loving it, many are sick of it, while other Canadians never wanted it and are questioning their entire living situation right now. If you’re in the group that isn’t quite sick of Winter yet, it’s likely because you make the best of it by participating in Winter sports.

We’re fortunate to have a rich variety of activities available to us to partake in. In last month’s contractor quick poll, we asked IT contractors about their favourite Winter sport. The chart below displays the results to the most popular options, but we also had a few write-ins, like horseback riding, walking in the snow and reading.

Quick Poll Results: What's Your Favourite Winter Sport?

Contractor Quick Poll: What’s Your Favourite Winter Sport

The holidays are approaching and we’re preparing for another Canadian Winter complete with cold, snow, and whatever else is thrown at us. Many of us will take advantage of the season to get together with friends and family and participate in some traditional sports.

Since everyone’s busy with the upcoming holidays, we’re keeping this month’s contractor quick poll light and simple. We want to know your favourite pastime to get through Canadian Winters!

How to Edge, Tune, and Wax Skis and Snowboards

Happy Boxing Day! For many, we’re entering the period of the holiday season when the hustle is slowing down, work hasn’t restarted yet, and there’s time to relax and enjoy days out with family and friends. For some that means staying in and watching movies, while others will hit the hills for some skiing and snowboarding.

Before you head out, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re up on your equipment’s maintenance. If the holidays have tightened your budget and paying for the maintenance isn’t in the cards, then you may consider taking care of it on your own. This infographic from Fix will guide your way, explaining how to edge, tune, and wax your skis or snowboard.

Source: Fix.com Blog

Pet Winter Safety Guide

We’re now into the holiday season which typically means cold weather but warm memories with family. We go through many traditions to care for family over the holidays, from preparing large feasts to giving up our bed so Grandma doesn’t have to sleep on the couch. On top of all of that, do you remember to consider the furry members of your family?

If you have pets at home, ensure the holiday busyness doesn’t interfere with how you care for them. This infographic from Petsitters.org provides a few tips to keep cats and dogs warm and safe from typical holiday hazards.

Pet Winter Safety Guide

The Results are In: It’s Way Too Cold Outside!

Although some regions of Canada aren’t experiencing an extremely cold Winter, last month’s contractor quick poll still confirmed that Canadian IT contractors are not a fan of the cold. We asked our readers how cold is too cold before they wish it was summer again, and here are the results.

Quick Poll Results: How Cold is Too Cold?

Would you agree or do you think some of these respondents need to suck it up and enjoy the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!