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Save Time with These Keyboard Shortcuts (Infographic)

Everybody likes saving time, even if it’s just a few seconds. After all, seconds add up to minutes, and minutes add up to hours. The keyboards shortcuts in this infographic from CareerBliss may not save you hours of time (unless it’s over the course of many years) but they are convenient.¬† Is there anything in here that you could start using more in your daily worklife?

Save Time with These Keyboard Shortcuts (Infographic)

Contractor Quick Poll: Cell Phones

What is the Preferred Cell Phone of Technology Professionals?

You’re well aware that as an IT expert, everybody comes to you for advice about their technology. They want to know the best functioning computer, most intelligent anti-virus software, most compatible browser — the questions are endless. One common question tech experts get is related to smartphones and which operating system is better. With this month’s Contractor Quick Poll, we intend to put that question to bed once and for all.

7 Hidden Windows 10 Tips and Tricks (Video)

As more and more people take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10, there are mixed reviews. According to critics, some aspects of Microsoft’s newest operating system are great and some are not-so-great. What you may not know about are all of the shortcuts Windows 10 has to offer.

This video from TechnoMaverick has 7 cool tips and tricks for Windows 10 — and some work in earlier versions of Windows. If these don’t make your life easier, they will at least make life a little more fun.