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Web Design Trends We Can Expect (or are already seeing) in 2018

Are you involved, or expecting to be involved, in any web design projects this year? If so, this infographic from Branex may be for you. Late last year, they reviewed trends and tried to predict how websites would start to look in 2018 and it’s safe to say, their findings can extend beyond websites and into almost any user interface.

The infographic makes a few obvious statements, including the fact that user experience must be a top priority and a bad design causes a user to lose trust. They also expect cinemagraph usage to increase, SVG file formats to go mainstream and voice user interface and search to rise. Now that we’re almost halfway through the year, have you seen any of these trends gain momentum?

Courtesy of: Branex

What Will Happen to Web Design in 2017? (Infographic)

Websites have come a long way since they became mainstream in the 90s. We’ve seen everything from busy backgrounds to flash-based sites to annoying pop-ups. Looking back, these trends were brutal but, at the time, they were touted by design professionals as the best thing out there. The fortunate fact about terrible trends is they eventually die and are replaced with new and exciting ones.

This infographic from Grafdom, a digital media agency based out of Dubai, outlines what they believe are the top 4 web design trends for 2017. These won’t come as a surprise to many since we’re already used to seeing them all on popular websites. What may be more interesting, though, is what Grafdom claims are on their way out of the mainstream. Is your website falling behind?

Trends of Web Design in 2017 [Infographic]

100 Web Design Tools that Anyone Can Use (Infographic)

Personal branding should never be taken lightly by any IT professional. Depending on your region and your skill, there are often hundreds of other independent contractors out there who you compete against for work. You need to stand out to recruiters and employment agencies as their top choice and, when you interview with a recruiter or client, you need to leave the best impression. One element of personal branding that we’ve discussed throughout the Talent Development Centre is your online presence and, more specifically, creating a personal website.

To create the perfect personal brand for yourself as an independent IT contractor, you may want a specific look and feel on your website. Unless you’re a designer or find the perfect template, that exact image could be tricky to attain. Instead, have a look at this infographic from Illustrio which gives dozens of  helpful tools (some even free) that will help you design the perfect website.

100 Web Design Tools that Anyone Can Use (Infographic)

The History of Web Design (Infographic)

The internet has come a long way, from bland single page websites with black and white text, to hideous backgrounds and colours that hurt our eyes, to the responsive clean look we recognize today (and may make fun of in 15 years). Although we know how much progress has been made, it’s interesting to take a look back and really understand how we got to where we are today and who helped make it happen. This infographic from Innoppl summarizes it all perfectly.

The History of Web Design (Infographic)