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The Talent Development Centre includes advice for independent contractors in IT from one of Canada’s top staffing and recruitment agencies. See all posts about being a top-of-mind contractor.

2016 in Review: Working with Staffing Agencies

2016 in Review: The Inside Scoop on Working with Staffing AgenciesThere are many benefits to working with staffing agencies. Topping the list is that we help IT contractors connect with the top clients and the best technology projects. Naturally, then, being able to build relationships and work with recruiters provides a major competitive advantage. The Talent Development Centre is all about growing independent contractors’ success, so 2016 was packed with inside information on how you can enhance your relationship with employment agencies.

Top-of-Mind Candidates

The best position for you to be in is as one of your recruiters’ “top-of-mind” candidates. To provide insight on this topic and help you achieve this spot, we surveyed our recruiters to learn more about being top-of-mind. The result was a series of posts, including these:

Building a Relationship with a Recruiter

Of course, it all starts with a solid relationship with your recruiter. These posts will help you develop that relationship.

Choosing the Right Staffing Agency

Finally, the most important part of building a relationship with a staffing agency is to make sure you’ve chosen the right one. We always recommend you build relationships with at least three recruiters from different agencies. In this post, Frances McCart, VP Business Development, provides advice on how to choose that partner.

The Secret to Being Called First by a Recruiter

The Best Way for IT Contractors to Stay Top-of-Mind to a Recruiter

The Best Way for IT Contractors to Stay Top-of-MindOver the past couple months, we shared some posts with tips on how independent contractors can become a top-of-mind candidate to recruiters, as well as some things that get candidates into their bad books. The information came from the results of a survey we did among Eagle recruiters which revealed many interesting facts. One of reoccurring points involved communication. Connecting with your recruiter frequently and keeping them apprised of what’s happening is a great way to get yourself to the top of their list, but too much communication in a harassing nature could have the opposite effect. Fortunately, in that same survey, we asked questions on this exact topic.

You probably connect frequently with a variety of recruiters when you’re looking for a new contract. Do you keep communication open when you’re not looking, though? Even if you’re not on the market for a job, 70% of Eagle’s recruiters would love to hear from their contractors once every 1-3 months. The remaining ones were split between saying more or less frequently, but the fact is, 100% of them do want to hear from you!

Connecting with your top recruiters doesn’t have to be an onerous task. A simple email to check in and an update on your availability is all they need. If you’d like a more in-depth discussion, a phone call, coffee or networking event are also all great opportunities to catch-up. If that still seems like it could slip away from you, no need to worry. Half of the recruiters said they prefer to check in with you, either by phone or email.  As long as you are in the habit of responding to emails or voicemails, you’ll be one step ahead of many other IT contractors who fail to take the two minutes to say hi.

Finally, perhaps the easiest way to keep your favourite recruiters up-to-date on what you’re doing is to connect with them on LinkedIn. A common marketing practice companies use on social media is to encourage customers and potential customers to follow their page, which shares product updates and value-added materials. The goal isn’t to sell anything specific, but instead keep the brand top-of-mind so when a consumer does make a purchase, they’ll think of that product. Your skills are the same! When you’re active on LinkedIn with profile updates, sharing interesting articles and interacting with others, it automatically shows up in your recruiters’ feeds. When a client requires skills that you possess, you’re more likely to be top-of-mind and one of their first phone calls.

How often do you connect with your recruiters? Do they call you or do you need to reach out to them? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.