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Fact-Checking Smartphone Urban Legends

Very few people manage to get through the day without depending on a smartphone. This device keeps us so organized and connected that losing it for just a few hours can cause panic. Naturally, we take precautions to ensure our phone is always running as best as it can, even if those steps are sometimes bogus.

What can keep your cell phone battery lasting longer? What should you do if it gets wet? Does freezing your phone really help the charging process and does rice really dry the device faster? This infographic from UBreakIFix collects a range of urban legends about cell phones, and fact-checks them so you can finally know once and for all.

Fact-Checking Smartphone Urban Legends

Quick Poll Results: How do you manage notifications on your phone?

For most Canadians, the amount of time we spend on our phone, and productivity lost because of it, is terrifying. Just have a look at this post from the RescrueTime blog that’s filled with eye-opening statistics.  For example “Most people check their phones 58 times a day (with 30 of those during working hours)” or “Half of all phone pickups happen within 3 minutes of a previous one“. Fortunately the post is also filled with some great tips on how to combat such behaviour, with the third in the list being “Turn off notifications (or go into do-not-disturb mode while working).

With that in mind, last month’s contractor quick poll set-out to find out how many people heed that advice, and to what extent. There appears to be a mix of behaviours among IT contractors…

How do you manage the notifications on your phone?

Quick Poll Results: Preferred Cell Phones

If you’re shopping for a new cell phone and considering changing to a new operating system, then you’ve stumbled upon the right post. Last month, we polled our network of IT professional contractors to learn their preferred phone and the results have been tallied. It turns out, most of our readers prefer Android, the but race is tight!

Do you agree? Do you think this trend will change over the year given Blackberry’s recent announcements to expand in different areas?

Quick Poll Results: What's your favourite smart phone?

Contractor Quick Poll: Cell Phones

What is the Preferred Cell Phone of Technology Professionals?

You’re well aware that as an IT expert, everybody comes to you for advice about their technology. They want to know the best functioning computer, most intelligent anti-virus software, most compatible browser — the questions are endless. One common question tech experts get is related to smartphones and which operating system is better. With this month’s Contractor Quick Poll, we intend to put that question to bed once and for all.