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The Myths and Realities about Scrum

There are numerous misconceptions about our industry, including these common independent contractor myths and realities in Canada outlined by Eagle’s co-founder, Kevin Dee, in a 2015 blog post. With so many misunderstandings by people who are not involved in IT project work, we should at least be striving to ensure that everybody within the industry is on the same page and have their information straight.

This is what Mishkin Berteig of Berteig Consulting set out to do when he created a series of videos debunking the many Scrum myths he has come across as a Certified Scrum Trainer and Scrum Expert. Below is the first video in that series which explains why, contrary to what some may believe, the SrumMaster is not a Project Manager.

Scrum vs Kanban (Infographic)

As we approach the holiday season, you need to start preparing yourself for those heated arguments that are sure to come up at office parties and family gatherings — one of the more common being the age-old question “Scrum or Kanban???”

While Kanban has been around since Toyota introduced it, it only started gaining traction in 2004, nearly 20 years after Scrum gained its popularity for software development. Today, both are great approaches to product development and different independent contractors feel strongly about their preferred one. Do you have a preference? If not, check out this infographic from kanbanize. The source does make it a little biased, but there is still some helpful information if you’re working to sort the differences between the two.


Super-Hard ScrumMaster Quiz – Test Yourself!

By Mishkin Berteig
President, Co-Founder of Berteig Consulting

The original version of this article can be found on his Agile Advice blog.

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Super-Hard ScrumMaster Quiz – Test Yourself!For a little while last year I was using a quiz in my Certified ScrumMaster courses that was deliberately designed to be super hard.  Why?  Because if anyone could answer it correctly before the end of the class, I would give them their certification early and allow them to leave.  Not a single person out of several hundred was able to do it.

This test was first created by me and one of my close colleagues, Julien Mazloum from Outsofting.  We were trying to make the CSM class something that the Chinese audience would really appreciate culturally.  It worked well, up to a point.  The main problem was that some of the questions were too subtle for people for whom English was their second language.  That said, when I used it in my North American courses, still no one passed it!  In fact, the best score I ever saw was 25 correct out of 30.

Have fun!

Take the Super Hard ScrumMaster Quiz!

About the Author

Mishkin Berteig is the President and Co-Founder of Berteig Consulting Inc. He has been Mishkin Berteigtraining, coaching and consulting for organizations adopting Agile methods since 2001 and is committed to helping individuals, teams and organizations apply Agile methods. Mishkin is a Certified Scrum Trainer, and qualified to deliver OpenAgile and Agile Project Management training.  He has developed and delivered Agile training both in public and in-house seminars for over 3000 people in Canada and abroad. Courses have been as short as three hour intro-style and as long as five day boot-camp-style, and audiences have ranged from junior team members to senior executives. He has also assisted organizations of all sizes to make the transformation from traditional methods to Agile/Scrum methods (Extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, OpenAgile).  Assistance includes Agile Engineering Practices, Agile teamwork, Agile project and product management, Agile management and executive management.