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How Hackers Get Around Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is an extra security measure a lot of people have begun to use to further protect their accounts and personal information from being hacked. This authentication method sends a text to your phone with a code that must be inputted within a minute to log in.

However according to Tech Insider’s interview with Kevin Mitnick, hackers have ways to even bypass this. An example he uses is when Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson had his twitter hacked. While there’s no need for constant paranoia, this video suggests tips to stay aware of the common tricks hackers use.

Pet Winter Safety Guide

We’re now into the holiday season which typically means cold weather but warm memories with family. We go through many traditions to care for family over the holidays, from preparing large feasts to giving up our bed so Grandma doesn’t have to sleep on the couch. On top of all of that, do you remember to consider the furry members of your family?

If you have pets at home, ensure the holiday busyness doesn’t interfere with how you care for them. This infographic from Petsitters.org provides a few tips to keep cats and dogs warm and safe from typical holiday hazards.

Pet Winter Safety Guide

Holiday Hazards to Avoid This Season

The holidays are a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends. Unfortunately, there are also many accidents throughout the season that could have been avoided.  This infographic from Leavitt Yamane and Soldner explains some of the most common hazards and how you can avoid them.  As you start preparing and heading for parties, please keep these tips in mind to ensure a safe and happy holiday season!Holiday Hazards