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These Morning Routines Are Destroying Your Day

We’ve all heard the great pieces of advice that talk about the magical morning rituals we should do to have a more productive morning — exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, take a cold shower. These routines may seem easy (or ridiculous), but even with the best intentions, adding something new to an already hectic morning is no easy feat. So instead, why not eliminate a few bad habits?

We’re all guilty of at least one of the 8 items Thomas Frank lists in this video. For example, if you regularly hit the snooze button, check your smart phone immediately when you wake up, or eat an unhealthy breakfast, Frank claims you’re destroying your day before it even starts. Interestingly, he also believes that planning your day is a bad idea. Take a look and see what you can do (or not do) to have a better morning.

Contractor Quick Poll: Tim Hortons or Starbucks?

We know, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to getting your fix of coffee/tea/hot chocolate or whatever hot beverage it is you enjoy. Generally, though, there seems to be two major camps when people go out to get their drink — the Tim Hortons crowd and the Starbucks crowd. Looking at it from a broader perspective, it may be a fast-food restaurant or premium cafĂ©, but for the sake of this month’s quick poll, we want to know which of the two giant chains you prefer. Feel free to use the comments section to voice your opinion.