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Stop Saying these 2 Words and Drastically Improve Your Communication

Great communication skills are essential for getting ahead as an independent contractor. While just one word, “communication” encases so much! At the highest level, it’s being a good speaker or writer, but you also need to understand your audience (their generation or knowledge on a subject) and yourself (tone and approach go a long way). Right down to the specific words you use and, more importantly, don’t use.

Have you ever been in a conversation or listened to a speech and was baffled by how many times the speaker said “Um” or “Like”? Now, have you ever paid attention to how much you’ve been guilty of the same? These two words come out of nearly everyone’s mouth, and it’s not limited to any education level or seniority. You rarely notice if they’re not said, but when they are, they stick out like a sore thumb and affect a listener’s perception of you.

Put an end to (or minimize) both of those words in your spoken vocabulary by looking through the two infographics below. We found the first one on 9gag.com and it provides 11 killer tips to stop saying “um”.  More recently, we found the following infographic from Quid Corner that gives advice of no longer using the word “like” in the wrong places.

Stop Saying Umm Forever

Stop Saying Like All the Time

Speaking Habits to Make You Sound Smarter

Have you ever been in a meeting — maybe with a client, project manager, development team, or recruiter — where you tried relentlessly to get your idea across but, no matter how many times you said it, they still weren’t buying into it? Even more frustrating, did you learn down-the-road that your solution would have been the best one for the project?

Independent contractors experience this all of the time.  This can leave you wondering why certain individuals or groups won’t take you seriously. Are they too arrogant to realize you’re right? Maybe. But it could also be that some flaws in your speaking habits are diminishing your confidence and, in return, how smart you appear.

Explore this theory by reviewing this infographic from WriteMyEssays. It suggests 8 speaking tips that will help you appear smarter. (You could also apply this advice to talking your way out of situations where you really don’t know anything about the subject, but we don’t recommend that!)

7 Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter
Courtesy of: http://www.writemyessays.net