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Contractor Quick Poll: Are you an avid podcast listener?

According to podcasthosting.org, there are over one-and-a-half million podcasts out there, with a combined 34 million+ episodes to choose from. That’s a lot of content! Whether it’s for current news, entertainment, or professional development, if there’s a topic that interests you, there’s almost certainly a podcast available for you.

Like every form of media, we all have our preference. Many people prefer catching up by reading articles or streaming videos, and others stick with traditional TV and radio. More and more, though, professionals we speak with say they love the convenience of a podcast, especially because it can be played in the background while driving or working. In this month’s contractor quick poll, we’re curious to learn if you embrace podcasts and if so, how often?

Contractor Quick Poll: How do you prefer to get your news?

The information available to us today is both a blessing and a curse. While we have the opportunity to be more informed than ever, it is impossible to consume all of the information that’s out there. Even more challenging, fact-checking and knowing what’s credible is an increasing problem. Even the smartest, most careful individuals get duped by bogus news and scams on occasion.

Conveniently, all of that information is being delivered over a variety of media. Each form has its own upsides and pitfalls carrying their share of high-value periodicals and “fake news”, but everybody can choose what is most convenient for them. So what is the most popular source of news and trends for IT contractors? That’s our question in this month’s Contractor Quick Poll.

Podcasts That Will Help You Grow

A couple months ago, we shared 15 Podcasts to Help Independent Contractors Get Through Difficult Times. The post, not surprisingly, received positive feedback and a number of shares. Podcasts are a convenient way to keep up-to-date on nearly any topic. You can listen to industry-leading experts to help you with personal development, all while driving, exercising, working or any other task.

A reader recently referred us to this infographic from CarRentals.com suggesting Inspirational Podcasts for Professional Growth. They’re solid suggestions, and if you visit the page, there are additional infographics, including Educational Podcasts for Personal Growth and Wellbeing and Self-Help Podcasts. If you’re not sure what to listen to next, you’re guaranteed to find something here!

Podcasts That Will Help You Grow

15 Podcasts to Help Independent Contractors Get Through Difficult Times

For all of the good times, being an independent contractor can bring on some tough times that make you feel alone. Some days finding the next IT gig is like pulling teeth and you’re left with little or no income for a period of time. Then, after putting in hours of effort to finally land a contract, technology projects can go off the rails, clients and their employees might throw you under the bus, and your personal plans start to get destroyed. It’s times like these that you need to be strongest and get back up fighting, but where do you find that motivation?

Fundera has a solution for you… actually they have 15 helpful solutions! This infographic suggests podcasts on nearly any topic that are both inspiring and help build resilience — perfect for the independent IT contractor. Check them out and let us know you favourite in the comments below.

15 Podcasts to Help Independent Contractors Get Through Difficult Times