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Phone Etiquette Tips from Around the World

If you are a professional who organizes international meetings and events it is almost guaranteed that you will have phone conversations with your planning partners overseas. Many opportunities can arise from these meetings and events; however, there can also be many challenges.

This infographic from Toll Free Forwarding highlights all of the different kinds of etiquettes found in various overseas locations. Did you know that it is impolite to say ‘no’ in India, or that it shows enthusiasm when occasionally interrupting a conversation in France? With this infographic, you can learn how to prevent communication mishaps while dealing with business across borders be it over the phone or face-to-face.

Infographic: International Phone Etiquette

Master Telephone Interviews

Last week we discussed video interviews and provided some tips to excel at them.  While video interviews are going to be more and more relevant to your job search, there is no sign that telephone interviews be eliminated any time soon.  In fact, you need to rock a phone interview so that you can turn it into a face-to-face interview.  Here’s an infographic from the University of Delaware with a few tips to get you through a phone interview. It was created for students new to the workforce, but still very applicable to even the most seasoned contractors.