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Quick Poll Results: Is There a Place for Pets in the Workplace?

In last month’s contractor quick poll, we asked our readers what they thought about pet-friendly offices. Workplace trends are seeing more and more of them today (including at Eagle); however, many other companies prefer to restrict the policy to support animals only.

Typically our Quick Polls get results with an obvious winner and most of our readers agree with each other. It looks like this time we found a topic that has the community divided. After a solid month published on the Talent Development Centre, the results are in and while close to half of the surveyed IT contractors are happy about pet-friendly client sites, an equal amount see no place for them.

Quick Poll Results: Pet-Friendly Workplaces

Contractor Quick Poll: Do you support pet-friendly offices?

Pet-friendly offices have become a common trend in the modern workplace. Employers offer it as a perk to attract new talent and science has proven that dogs in the office make people nicer and more cooperative. Still, for a number of valid reasons — allergies, fear of animals, cultural beliefs — not all companies and organizations buy into the trend and maintain their people-only policy.

In this month’s contractor quick poll, we’re curious to learn how IT contractors feel about pet-friendly workplaces. Would you enjoy working at a client-site that adopted the freedom to bring your furry friend, or would potentially make you pass on the contract or work from home more often?

Pet Winter Safety Guide

We’re now into the holiday season which typically means cold weather but warm memories with family. We go through many traditions to care for family over the holidays, from preparing large feasts to giving up our bed so Grandma doesn’t have to sleep on the couch. On top of all of that, do you remember to consider the furry members of your family?

If you have pets at home, ensure the holiday busyness doesn’t interfere with how you care for them. This infographic from Petsitters.org provides a few tips to keep cats and dogs warm and safe from typical holiday hazards.

Pet Winter Safety Guide