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Being Stuck in an Office is No Reason to Be Out-of-Shape

We’ve all had that moment where we say we’re going to the gym, but then after work we’re just “too tired.” Maintaining a workout routine can be tough to fit around your work schedule. But sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for you or your health either.

Even doing the simplest of movements can make an improvement. It could be as simple as getting up every hour to move or going for walks on your lunch break. And if that won’t work for you, then TIME2Move has got you covered with 8 easy exercises to get you moving – without even leaving your desk.

How Technology Will Change the Workplace Forever

It’s an awesome time to be alive! The world is changing at accelerating paces and, as long as you can keep up, the ways technology changes our lives are nothing short of exciting. One area that’s seen some change and still has plenty of space for technology to revolutionize, is the workplace. While there will always be a place for humans, this short video from The List explains that the office as we know it today will be drastically different in the near future.