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Apple Staff Reveal 11 Mistakes iPhone Users Make

iPhone users take note — apparently you’ve been using your phone wrong! That’s according to this video from Bright Side that reveals 11 mistakes Apple staff say are made way too often. For example, do you always use your original charger or are you using the proper protective case? What about the temperature in which you use your phone — did you know it shouldn’t be used in certain temperatures?

Here’s the complete list of tips that are commonly mistaken by iPhone users. For all of the details and explanations, check out the video below:

  1. Don’t Leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on All the Time
  2. Reboot Your iPhone from Time to Time
  3. Don’t Use Location Services All the Time
  4. Don’t Let Too Many Apps Send Your Push Notifications
  5. Don’t Leave the Battery Uncharged for a Long Time
  6. Don’t Charge Your Phone for the Entire Night
  7. Turn Off Your Phone in Very Hot Weather, and Don’t Take it Out of Your Pocket in Cold Weather
  8. Choose a Protective Case that Covers All the Important Ports
  9. Don’t Clear All the Applications in Multitasking
  10. Always Have Access to the Phone Number Your iCloud is Connected To
  11. Use Only the Original Charger


14 Things You Didn’t know your iPhone Headphones Could Do (Video)

If you got your iPhone and shoved the “EarPods” that came with it into a drawer, never to be seen again, it may be time to dig them out. These aren’t the cheap yet overpriced earbuds you buy on a plane. The headphones that come with your iPhone can do some pretty cool things — 14 cool things according to this video from Business Insider Tech.

If you have an iPhone and its original EarPods, watch this video and see if you can learn anything that may make your life easier… or at least more interesting.

Quick Poll Results: Preferred Cell Phones

If you’re shopping for a new cell phone and considering changing to a new operating system, then you’ve stumbled upon the right post. Last month, we polled our network of IT professional contractors to learn their preferred phone and the results have been tallied. It turns out, most of our readers prefer Android, the but race is tight!

Do you agree? Do you think this trend will change over the year given Blackberry’s recent announcements to expand in different areas?

Quick Poll Results: What's your favourite smart phone?

Contractor Quick Poll: Cell Phones

What is the Preferred Cell Phone of Technology Professionals?

You’re well aware that as an IT expert, everybody comes to you for advice about their technology. They want to know the best functioning computer, most intelligent anti-virus software, most compatible browser — the questions are endless. One common question tech experts get is related to smartphones and which operating system is better. With this month’s Contractor Quick Poll, we intend to put that question to bed once and for all.

Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2016 (Video)

A few months ago, we shared a video review about the new iPhone SE. You may have heard many things about the new iPhone’s technology, and you’ll only truly know if you like it if you try it yourself. This video from EverythingApplePro may help put it into perspective, though. It’s a cool comparison of all iPhones ever made so you can truly understand just how many technological advancements have been made since that original iPhone 2G.

iPhone SE Review (Video)

Do you sit in the Apple camp when it comes to cell phone preferences? If so, you may be considering upgrading your phone to the newly release iPhone SE. In case you haven’t heard much about the phone or still haven’t had the opportunity to do your research, here’s a video from iDrop News that gives a detailed review of the new technology, including all of the pros and cons.