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Contractor Quick Poll Results: Follow-Up Emails

What you do after an interview can have a major impact on whether or not there will be a second interview, you get introduced to the client or if you get the job. One of the simplest ways to do this is with a follow-up email to your interviewer, thanking them for their time and clarifying any questions.

In last month’s quick poll, we asked independent contractors how often they send follow-ups. As usual, we’re sharing the results below. If you’re not sending follow-up emails, perhaps it’s time you start!

How often do you send a follow-up email or note after a job interview?

Contractor Quick Poll Results: Follow-Up Emails

The Secrets to a Perfect Interview Follow-Up Email

It should be no secret to you that a quick follow-up email after an interview is a valuable action to take after meeting with a recruiter or client. In fact, some would argue that it no longer differentiates you from your competitors, but puts you on the same level. It may be more accurate to say that failing to send a follow-up would differentiate you in a negative light.

Still, too often this task gets missed by independent contractors. Or, if it does get completed, the follow-up is not always as valuable as it could be. There are many factors to consider when sending an interview follow-up email and this infographic from The Sales Pro Blog sums them up nicely. It reviews the basics of a follow-up email, why they’re important, what they should accomplish, when to send them and what to avoid. Do you send follow-up emails after every interview? Do you believe them to be important? Share your knowledge below.

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The Art Of The Interview Follow Up Email
Source: Interview Follow Up Email Infographic


Contractor Quick Poll: How Often Do You Send Follow-Up Emails?

An common piece of advice provided by job search gurus is to always follow-up after an interview. Hand-written notes and cards have been recommended for decades and since the internet came around in the last 20-30 years, emails started to take their place (though some still believe in the power of a pen and paper).

Even with all of the preaching of interview follow-ups and research indicating their advantages, we still do not see independent contractors taking advantage of this quick and simple task. To get an understanding how important it is in to those in our industry, we’re asking about it in this month’s quick poll: