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How are Canadians Staying Connected?

Canadians are inundated with technologies and distractions. We have the world at our fingertips and can connect with anybody in a matter of seconds. That has a tremendous impact on our lives. We can apply to multiple jobs within a single day, attend interviews from the comfort of our homes, and work on IT projects for clients in a completely different city. Not just that, but we have the opportunity to maintain relationships with friends and family who, just 20 years ago, we might have drifted apart from forever.

Like all positive factors, there are some negatives to go with it. Although it’s easier to connect with people, studies show that in-person relationships suffer because we’re too focused about what’s happening online. Furthermore, excess social media can affect our mental health and staying connected on our phones 24/7 destroys productivity.

How serious is the impact of staying connected to Canadians? StatsCanada looked into it and recently published this infographic. While some numbers are stunning and are a cause for concern, others are no surprise and a sign of the times. It is interesting to see that many Canadians are aware and making an effort to decrease the time they spend on the Internet.

Infographic: How Are Canadians Staying Connected?

How Hackers Get Around Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is an extra security measure a lot of people have begun to use to further protect their accounts and personal information from being hacked. This authentication method sends a text to your phone with a code that must be inputted within a minute to log in.

However according to Tech Insider’s interview with Kevin Mitnick, hackers have ways to even bypass this. An example he uses is when Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson had his twitter hacked. While there’s no need for constant paranoia, this video suggests tips to stay aware of the common tricks hackers use.

The Real Reason Your Internet Connection Randomly Stops Working

Does your Wi-Fi occasionally cut out at random moments? Have you ever wondered why it cuts out with no warning? This video from Techquickie has the answers for you, and it’s not your internet service provider.

Before jumping on the phone to yell at a customer service rep, watch this video and learn all there is to know about your router. The video explains the device’s many challenges of managing data traffic and WiFi-signals. You can also get some helpful tips to assist you in getting connected faster should your Wi-Fi ever cut out. Stop the delay, and stay connected today!

Cool Tips & Tricks for Browsing the Internet

Do you know how to navigate around the internet? Obviously you do. But do you know all of the tricks for doing so efficiently? There are probably millions of little things that can make your life easier and there’s no way we can list them all here (mostly because we don’t know them all). What we can do is share this video from TechGumbo.

The video is packed with 10 cool tricks for browsing the Internet and you’re guaranteed to learn something. From tabbed browsing functions to YouTube tips to keyboard shortcuts. If you already know all of these, then we challenge you to share one more item with us in the comments below.

Trailblazing Failures of the Dot-Com Bubble

The Dot-Com Bubble was a period which occurred in the late 1990s when making money through the world wide web was just beginning to become popular. During this period, investors were starting to realize that big money could be made online, and began investing enormous amounts of money into sites without giving it a second thought.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but unfortunately there was not a lot of profit made from most of these investments. Today we acknowledge the fact that these investors were not entirely wrong as using the web for online sales or purchases is currently a common practice, and there are large sums of money made. Yet, the market during the 1990s was extremely overestimated, and ultimately lead to the downfall of many companies. In this infographic, WhoIsHostingThis? describes some of the most memorable, horrific, and hilarious early tales of the tech world.

Trailblazing Failures of the Dot-Com Bubble - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog
Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com

Using Your Phone for Mobile Internet Access

Have you ever needed to connect your computer to the Internet but didn’t have access to Wi-Fi or didn’t want to use somebody else’s Wi-Fi for security purposes? Although the technology has been available for a few years, not everybody knows that you can use your phone to create a Hot Spot and connect any device to the Internet.  If you’re not sure how to do this and haven’t yet had a chance to look into it, this video from dottotech has a great explanation to get you started.