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Trailblazing Failures of the Dot-Com Bubble

The Dot-Com Bubble was a period which occurred in the late 1990s when making money through the world wide web was just beginning to become popular. During this period, investors were starting to realize that big money could be made online, and began investing enormous amounts of money into sites without giving it a second thought.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but unfortunately there was not a lot of profit made from most of these investments. Today we acknowledge the fact that these investors were not entirely wrong as using the web for online sales or purchases is currently a common practice, and there are large sums of money made. Yet, the market during the 1990s was extremely overestimated, and ultimately lead to the downfall of many companies. In this infographic, WhoIsHostingThis? describes some of the most memorable, horrific, and hilarious early tales of the tech world.

Trailblazing Failures of the Dot-Com Bubble - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog
Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com

Using Your Phone for Mobile Internet Access

Have you ever needed to connect your computer to the Internet but didn’t have access to Wi-Fi or didn’t want to use somebody else’s Wi-Fi for security purposes? Although the technology has been available for a few years, not everybody knows that you can use your phone to create a Hot Spot and connect any device to the Internet.  If you’re not sure how to do this and haven’t yet had a chance to look into it, this video from dottotech has a great explanation to get you started.