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Top 10 Job Interview Tips (Video)

Even the most seasoned independent contractors can polish up their job interview skills. The problem is, you’ve heard all of the same tips by now. Boring advice such as “Be prepared”, “Stay positive,” and “Demonstrate your accomplishments” may not be cutting it. Instead, you need to differentiate yourself. Thankfully, Michael Spicer from BBC Three created this light hearted, fun video of job interview tips you haven’t heard. (Note: Please don’t actually consider these suggestions with interviewing at Eagle.)

Quiz: What Kind of Techie Are You?

Yesterday’s infographic outlined some of the core areas an IT professional can focus. We shared it for our junior readers who are still pondering which path in to take in the world of technology. If graphics and reading aren’t for you, then don’t fear. We found this fun quiz created by Dice that will let you know just what kind of techie you are.

The Struggles of a Subject Matter Expert

Here’s some Friday humour that anybody who’s been a subject matter expert on a technology project will relate to. Sometimes, regardless of how many times you explain a concept to a client and/or a Project Manager, or that their exact request is simply not possible, they refuse to hear you and continue to throw out non-sense suggestions on how you should do the work. If this is relatable, you’ll love this video published by Lauris Beinerts. If you don’t relate (or if you’re the client or Project Manager), you should still watch this video.

The Try Guys Try Coding With Girls Who Code (Video)

Have you heard of The Try Guys? They’re BuzzFeed‘s group of guys who try just about anything new and document it in what often turns out to be embarrassing videos for the world to see. After completing challenges that included trying Irish Step Dance, UFC fighting and even nude modelling, they decided to spend a day with Girls Who Code, an organization that works to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. Take a look and enjoy as the Try Guys learn that coding isn’t as easy as they may think!

Working on Spec (Video)

Some independent contractors, especially those who do design, are often asked to spec  out work before they even know if they’ll get the job. Many others have to put in hours of work while responding to a detailed RFP for a chance at winning business. These practices are a cost of doing business and won’t change in the foreseeable future but, nonetheless, are quite frustrating.

If you share these aggravations, then you’ll enjoy this video produced by Zulu Alpha Kilo, which was created to encourage companies to ditch spec creative pitches. Whether or not you intend to join the #SayNoToSpec protest, you should still get a chuckle out of the video.

Humour at Work (Video)

For many of us, the holiday break is over and it’s time to get back to work. Along with colder weather, projects are waiting, work is piling up, and there’s not much positive energy coming from those around you. If this sounds familiar, then try being the person who brings a smile back to your team’s faces.

When appropriate, humour in your professional life can make a huge difference to your day and those around you. For inspiration, watch this TEDx Talks video where Andrew Tarvin speaks to some students at Ohio State University.

The Most Embarrassing LinkedIn Profiles Read Out Loud

Do you ever say phrases that sounded great in your head, but once the words come out of your mouth, they turn out to be terribly cheesy? It turns out, the same can happen on LinkedIn, and The Telegraph created a video to showcase the best of them. If you’re looking for a Friday smile, look no further than this video. If you hear anything that sounds familiar, you may want to do some editing on your own profile.