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How to Clean Your Dirty Headphones

Are you travelling this weekend? Will you be listening to music or watching videos to kill some time during the commute? You should probably check your headphones before taking off. Over time, grime and earwax can get stuck in your headphones, causing muffled sound and damaging your device that might have cost you a lot of money

Before you take your headphones into the bath or scrub them under the garden hose, we recommend watching this quick video from CTV News. It explains the proper way to clean your headphones so that they stay in good condition and ultimately last longer.

Create a Custom RSS Feed and Improve Your Job Search

A few months ago, we shared some tips to make you one of the most informed independent contractors in your network, which would ultimately help you build relationships with clients and find more contracts. One reliable source we suggested was RSS Feeds, which provide up-to-date information about a company or the most recent news articles from your favourite blog or publication. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with these feeds and setting them up can take time so, although extremely helpful, many contractors don’t use RSS Feeds.

We want to solve that problem and remove the stigma that following RSS Feeds is complex and time consuming. This short video shows you how to find your favourite feeds and organize them in a feed reader, so you can always have your favourite news at your fingertips.