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How to Build the Best Holiday Lego Creations

Winter holidays are here. It’s time to take some time away from building project plans and computer programs to building more important things, like Snowmen, Christmas Trees and Santa Claus… out of Lego!

Building a tree that’s not just a stack of green blocks may seem like a daunting task, but with the proper guides, your holiday Lego town can be quite detailed and in-depth. The video below from Pley, as well as these infographics which Pley also created, will show you step-by-step how anyone can build a Snowman, a Christmas Tree or Santa Clause using a basic Lego set.

Infographic - Build Santa Claus out of Lego Infographic - build a snowman out of lego Infographic - build a Christmas Tree out of Lego

A Holiday Job Search Could Get You Your Next Job

Alison Turnbull By Alison Turnbull,
Delivery Manager at Eagle

A Holiday Job Search Could Get You Your Next JobWith mid-December upon us, many people are winding things down for the year and already feeling like they are in ‘vacation mode’.  If you happen to be between contracts or if you are actively seeking your next career move, there is no better time to keep up the search!

As noted in this Forbes article, “January is the toughest, most competitive and most crowded job market of the year — precisely because so many people stop job hunting during the holidays.”  While job activity does tend to drop off a bit in December, it’s often the best time to network, catch hard to reach people on the phone, or further develop a relationship with the agencies/recruiters you’ve been working with.

Here are a few tips to keep your job search active over the holidays.

  • Find holiday events or meetups to attend to increase your visibility and network.
  • Take some time to increase your LinkedIn connections by sending invitations to anyone you met with during the year prior.
  • Send holiday greetings to all of your contacts – it’s a great touch point. Request a follow up meeting in the New Year.
  • Look for opportunities to volunteer – it’s a great time of year to contribute to a worthy cause and you never know who’ll you meet!

All the best to you and yours for the holidays, and Happy Job Hunting!

10 Logic Riddles to Get You Through Thanksgiving

Canadians love Thanksgiving weekend! A long weekend, fall weather, delicious food… and awkward silences at family gatherings. If you need to start a conversation while sitting in a quiet living room staring at cousins you barely know or you need to quickly change the subject after your uncle makes an offensive comment, then this video from Bright Side is here to help!

Challenge yourself and then your family with some of these logic riddles that they claim will increase your IQ. You may choose to run through all of them this weekend but keep in mind, more family gatherings and awkward silences are just around the corner in December.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

How to Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate (Infographic)

It’s cold outside! The holidays are supposed to be calming and relaxing, but it never works out like that. If you’re looking for something to warm you up and some sugar to give you a boost, look no further!  This infographic from sheknows shows the hottest hot chocolate recipes of the season, there’s something in here for everybody!

How to Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate

8 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating (Infographic)

If you haven’t already started your vacation, you will soon have at least a few days off, and this is the time of year where we somehow manage to get out of shape in just a few days. This year, rather than setting a New Years’ Resolution to get back into shape, why not ensure that you don’t get out of shape? How? With the help of this infographic from Cleveland Clinic which provides 8 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating, so you can keep on top of your eating habits before they escalate out of control.

8 Tips for Health Holiday Eating

8 Merry Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from Santa (Infographic)

This jolly man makes his way into many homes over the holiday season, spreading cheer and bringing presents to children around the world. Along with his bag full of gifts, Santa Claus also carries some of the best leadership traits one can have. Don’t believe us? Just skim through this infographic from Officevibe and see what you can learn.

8 Merry Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Santa #infographic

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