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How Hackers Get Around Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is an extra security measure a lot of people have begun to use to further protect their accounts and personal information from being hacked. This authentication method sends a text to your phone with a code that must be inputted within a minute to log in.

However according to Tech Insider’s interview with Kevin Mitnick, hackers have ways to even bypass this. An example he uses is when Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson had his twitter hacked. While there’s no need for constant paranoia, this video suggests tips to stay aware of the common tricks hackers use.

10 Greatest Hackers Of All Time

Hackers are some of the smartest people alive. Their skills are often used for good, usually finding vulnerabilities for companies and governments; however, when these geniuses get selfish and go rogue, the outcome can be destructive and harmful.

If you thought you were good with technology, this video from MindChop will bring you down a couple notches. They go through the 10 greatest hackers of all time and what these people have accomplished is a terrifying and surprising.

Learn the Worst Cybersecurity Practices, as Ranked by Hackers

Hackers seem to be getting more and more clever as time goes by. With cybersecurity improving, hackers are always finding new ways to break into digital systems to steal sensitive data. A recent survey found that a large majority of hackers (73%) note that traditional security firewalls and antivirus are irrelevant, meaning that they could be easily by passed on your device.

In this infographic, Thycotic reveals a survey that was given to hackers. This survey says a lot about the worst cybersecurity practices, and gives insight into security hacking. These astonishing survey results are a wakeup call to boost your cybersecurity efforts. Find out how to protect yourself against cybercriminals today!

Learn the Worst Cybersecurity Practices, as Ranked by Hackers