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How to Get a Laugh From Your Google Assistant

Smart technology has become increasingly popular today. Many people rely on these devices for news, music and even setting alarms. But you can also have a bit of fun with these smart devices, like Google Home. Google Home is powered by AI and is typically referred to as Google Assistant. A video by TechGumbo highlights the top 100 commands you can give for funny or entertaining responses. So take a break, watch the video and make your Friday even better!

The Fascinating Science Behind a Pinball Machine

There’s no better way to go into a long weekend of awkward silences at family meals than to be armed with absolutely useless information. Well today’s video has just that AND the answers to questions that have been keeping you up at night.

Vox did some serious research and found world-renowned experts to create this informative video on the science of a pinball machine. If you want to be the next pinball wizard, or just want something different to say at this weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner, then this video is for you. It is super interesting, so at the very least, watching and sharing this video is the perfect way to spend your next five minute break.

Can You Solve the “Seven Planets” Riddle

It’s Friday, so why not take a break and solve this Seven Planet Riddle from Ted-Ed. Getting the answer doesn’t have to be just about getting the answer, solving riddles is a fun way to keep your brain sharp.

Riddles also let you improve upon your problem solving skills. The key to solving a problem is simplifying the issue to better understand it and using deductive reasoning, no different than when IT contractors find solutions for clients. So take a stab at the riddle and see what you come up with!

How to Build the Best Holiday Lego Creations

Winter holidays are here. It’s time to take some time away from building project plans and computer programs to building more important things, like Snowmen, Christmas Trees and Santa Claus… out of Lego!

Building a tree that’s not just a stack of green blocks may seem like a daunting task, but with the proper guides, your holiday Lego town can be quite detailed and in-depth. The video below from Pley, as well as these infographics which Pley also created, will show you step-by-step how anyone can build a Snowman, a Christmas Tree or Santa Clause using a basic Lego set.

Infographic - Build Santa Claus out of Lego Infographic - build a snowman out of lego Infographic - build a Christmas Tree out of Lego