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34 Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview (Infographic)

Sure, every client and recruiter is different, and they’ll all have unique interviews, but there are some constants that you can expect in nearly all interviews. For those, we recommend this infographic from CollegeAtlas.org. It will help you prepare, understand the most common mistakes, and give you some helpful tips so you can rock your next one.

34 Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview

From Visually.

7 Reasons To Wear A Watch (Video)

Cell phones, specifically smart phones, have improved our lives in so many ways, including minimizing the amount of accessories we need to carry around with us. Surely you’ve seen one of those infographics that give a visual of how many items — telephone, calendar, computer, alarm clock, radio — are now replaced by just that one mobile device.

A particular casualty of the cell phone is the watch. These days, when many people want to know the time of day, they simply take a quick glimpse at their phone instead of their wrist. This video from Real Men Real Style argues that there are still at least 7 valid reason to wear a watch and explains why you should start wearing one today. Do you have a watch or have you joined the masses and replaced it with your phone?

10 Tips on Dressing for Your Job Interview (Video)

IT contractors are known for having some outstanding talent and hold some of the world’s most in-demand skills. They can also be known for lacking in one particular area — fashion. If your idea of getting dressed up for an interview includes flip flops, ripped jeans, and a Bazinga t-shirt, please take two minutes and eight seconds to watch this video from Forbes.