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There’s More to Excel Than Charts!

How Independent Contractors Can Leverage Microsoft Excel to Impress Their Clients

Seriously, knowing your way around Excel is the easiest way to convince people in an office that you’re a wizard.” That’s one of the most recent comments underneath this infographic when we found it on imgur.com. And it’s true. So many people only use Excel to organize a table, add a border, shade it in and, if they’re really good, create a pie chart. But there’s so much more you can do!

STL created the infographic saying it includes great tricks to impress your boss, and we’d go one step further to say they’d impress a recruiter or client and enhance your productivity. It also complements one of their other infographics we shared last year with some Excel tricks for office workers. If you work with Excel and want to enhance your skills, you should review this infographic. If you don’t work with Excel because you don’t think it could help your job, you need to see this infographic. You may be surprised by what it can do!

There's More to Excel Than Charts!

Essential Excel Tricks for Office Workers

Excel — Microsoft’s spreadsheet tool that although extremely powerful, most of us only use it to a fraction of its potential. For many, that’s because our daily lives simply have no use for some of the functions, but for others, it’s because we’re unaware of the tools and how to use them.

Did you know that you can do more than create a nice chart in Excel? If that sentence just blew your mind, check out this infographic from Best STL. Have any other favourite Excel tips to add? Please leave them in the comments below!

7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know
7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know by Excel Training

Free Accounting Tool for Independent Contractors

For many independent contractors, bookkeeping is that necessary task that nobody wants to do.  Having industry-leading accounting software is a great way to ease the pressure and manage your books but, it can come with high costs, especially for a new contractor.

This detailed video from Contractor 911 provides a simple way to manage your books using Microsoft Excel — a program most people already have set-up on their computer.  While this refers to contractors in the US it could easily be adapted for those in Canada too!  Check it out.  Can it work for you?