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The Dangers of Sitting Disease

Paper pushing, desk jockey office workers who sit all day are in danger! That’s according to this infographic by Alere Wellbeing (now Optum).

As the infographic states, “Sitting disease is a concept created by the scientific community to address the problems associated with sitting all day and living a sedentary lifestyle.” Although not recognized by all medical organizations, it explains how workers who sit for most of their job have higher risks of certain diseases and shorter lifespans. Fortunately, the infographic also offers ideas for employers and IT contractors to beat Sitting Disease and live a better life, all while continuing to do a supreme job at work.

The Dangers of Sitting Disease #infographic

Create a More Productive Home Office

Are you productive when working from home?  If not, it could be because your home office doesn’t have the right lighting, and even plants, to appeal to all of your five senses. By having a comfortable and happy workspace, you’re more likely to increase productivity and, at the very least, enjoy your time working a little bit more.  This infographic from Juice Electrical Supplies provides some simple tips to improve your home office.



20 Healthy Tricks for Sitting at Your Desk

IT Contractors are always sitting at a desk.  Whether it’s while working on a client project, writing resumes and proposals, or managing your business, you’re always in front of your computer.  You probably already know that this can have negative effects on your physical health, specifically your back, so are you doing anything about it?

This video from Business Insider has 20 simple tricks you can apply anywhere to help you take care of yourself and continue with your busy work schedule.  Do you already do any of these?  Are there any you’re going to implement?

Tricks to Sit at Your Desk Without Hurting Your Back

Independent contractors spend a lot of time sitting in front of a desk and staring at a computer which can cause a lot of strain on the back.  While Tuesday’s guest post was all about health insurance and the options you have, we hope you really have to use them.  This video from Business Insider has some great tips for protecting your back while sitting down all day.