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IT and Computer Science — What’s the Difference (and which is right for you?)

Although sometimes used interchangeably, IT and Computer Science are two different career paths, specifically when starting your education. As this infographic put together by Rasmussen College points out, IT is “the application of computer programs to solve business processes. An employee in this industry will likely interact with others — whether in person or via phone or email — while helping solve technological problems.” On the other hand, they define Computer Science as “the processes of creating usable computer programs and applications and the theories behind those processes. An employee in this industry will likely be doing a lot of independent work applying complex algorithms and writing code.

If you’re already an experienced technology professional, these labels are nothing more than just that, labels. When you and your clients have a clear understanding of your job description and your specialty, the title is near irrelevant. If you know a teenager or aspiring technology professional looking to define their path; however, then this infographic is worth sharing. It explains the opportunities and experience required for each field, helping to get one step closer in a difficult decision.

IT and Computer Science -- What's the Difference (and which is right for you?)

Quick Poll Results: When should kids learn to code?

We may not have direct influence over the education and school curriculums taught in each of our provinces, but as an industry, we definitely have an opinion. Last month’s contractor quick poll asked IT professionals when they believe kids should start learning how to code. While the age ranges differ, the results below are clear. All technology experts agree that programming must be taught in school and the vast majority believe kids should already have an understanding of it before they reach high school.

What age did you start learning to code? Do you believe it helped influence your career choice? Would your career be better-off had you learned more of it in school?

Quick Poll Results: At what age should kids learn to code?