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Save Time in your Job Search by Setting Up Job Alerts

In order to keep a steady flow of income, you need a steady flow of work. That means that when one contract ends, your goal is to start the next as quickly as possible. If you’re only reactively looking for jobs at the end of a gig, you risk a long gap of no work. Of course, a detailed search while you’re putting in hours for a client’s project also isn’t always feasible. That’s why we recommend setting up search agents and email alerts to do the work for you, and email relevant jobs as they arise.

Did you know that Eagle’s job board has a feature that does just that? It’s been one of our job board’s core functions for over 5 years and thousands of IT contractors are already taking advantage of it, gaining an advantage as the first to apply to new jobs! Here’s a quick video that show you how you can set one up right now.

Creating Your Public Resume in Google Drive (Video)

When you send a recruiter your resume, you never know if they’ll actually be looking at it now, or a year from now. That means there’s a good chance that when they do look at it, they won’t be seeing your most up-do-date experience. A great and easy solution is to save your resume on the cloud, for example Dropbox or Google Drive, and only send them the link.  Then you can update it as you please, and they’ll always be accessing your most current version. In this video, we go over the basics for doing just that in Google Drive.