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Design Trends We Will See in 2020

Last year we shared an infographic that highlighted all of the upcoming 2019 web design trends. As predicted, the trends were a hit and we’re back again to keep you updated with the upcoming 2020 design trends to look for.

2020 is all about immersive virtual reality panormas, zero-gravity layouts, surreal product photography, and vivid, futuristic colors. While you might not have first-hand interaction with the design elements, being familiar with them is advantageous. Not only are you expanding your horizon but you can also chime in with your thoughts on design when it comes time. You’ll sound knowledgeable and might even impress a few with your futuristic outlook from the 2020 design trends.

View the full list of predictions for 2020 design trends from Coastal Creative in the colorful infographic below.

Infographic - Design Trends for 2020

Top Design Trends for 2019

Keeping up with IT trends can be a hassle, something that we understand. Fortunately, Coastal Creative created this infographic to help you get a better handle on the Digital and Graphic Design trends that will be popular this year.

If you’re wondering why this is important to people outside of the design business, here are some reminders:

  • While you may not be asked to design the website, you may be asked to design/create elements that coincide with these trends, making the need to understand their overall look crucial to how you will approach your side of the project to seamlessly fit with the pre-created design/content
  • Having a basic understanding/knowledge of the names and their corresponding look (i.e Brutalism and its connection to socialist architecture) makes you appear more multi-faceted to clients.
  • Understanding the artistic aspects of the Information Technology world will help you connect with the more art-oriented professionals of the digital world, which could result in more networking opportunities, or hey, you could find that you really like some of these ideas and want to learn to re-create them yourself.

If you’re still hesitant, remember that just like how you bring the dreams of imagination to life through the creation of websites, posts, blogs, business ideals, etc., so do artists: “art brings imagination to life”, Robert Lee Munoz.

Design Trends 2019 Infographic

The Design Trends You Need to Know in 2017

Working as a contractor requires a certain degree of self-marketing, especially in a fast-moving and modern field like IT. Even if your expertise lies more in the nuts and bolts of information technology, awareness of and engagement with the more surface-level and generally accessible aspects of the digital world will broaden your employment prospects. Sure, your expert-level knowledge of data systems management might be why you’re the contractor for the job, but maintaining a level of fluency with the current trends in web design, marketing, and content will help you reach and impress more people.

The following infographic from Coastal Creative takes us through this year’s established and developing trends in digital design. These are the aesthetic trends you’ve likely been seeing all over the web for the past few months, what function they serve, and why they’re having their moment in 2017.

Any other digital design trends you’ve noticed lately? Any new developments you can’t get enough of, or trends you’re ready to see die out? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Design Trends 2017 Infographic

The 10 Best Fonts for Your Resume (Infographic)

Resume advice is one of the more popular topics on the Talent Development Centre. We provide IT contractors with many formatting tips and discuss content that you should (or shouldn’t) include in your technology resume, but we rarely go into specific design topics. After all, how important can the design of your resume be if it’s only going to be read by a computer anyway? Surely, computers don’t care how pretty something looks.

Although the chances are big that your resume will be screened by a computer before anyone else, if you’re qualified for an IT position, a recruiter will still end up looking at it… and they’re human. How your resume looks will affect a recruiter’s perception of you before they start to review your background and skills, even if it’s on a smaller, subconscious level. Therefore, it’s a good idea to put some thought into this and, the simplest way is to double-check the font you’re using.

Have a look at this infographic from Monster. You will probably find that you’re already using a proper font (note Comic Sans is not listed). If you’d like to stand out, you will also find some different fonts that are both appropriate and can give your resume a modern feel.

The 10 Best Fonts for Your Resume

14 Web Design Predictions for 2016 (Infographic)

Are you involved in any web design projects? Do you manage your own personal website? Or are you simply interested in the latest trends? Either way, take a detailed look at this infographic from Thinkdesign, the Logo Design Guru blog. It highlights 14 trends that we can expect to see in web design in the New Year. What do you think? Are we going to start seeing more Asteroid-themed websites?

Web Design Trends