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Jaw-Dropping Data Breach Stats for 2019

Data breaches are detrimental to a company. Setting aside the reputation damage that comes with them, the harm done to customers plus the impending legal battles that follow have cost millions and sometimes billions of dollars for organizations that were presumed to be secure. In today’s world where hacking is a sport with a lucrative pay-out, cybersecurity experts are in high demand.

Varonis recently sourced a list of 56 data breach statistics, including risks, costs and prevention tips. Along with the list came this infographic that highlights the most interesting and helpful stats. Have a look for some eye-opening facts that will make you think twice the next time you’re entering personal information into a field.

9 Key Elements of a Data Security Policy

There’s nothing more invigorating than policy, right?! It’s not always an exciting subject but if you’re an IT Security professional, then you know the right data security policy is crucial to maintain an organization’s integrity. If you’re not in the IT security field but responsible for your organization’s data, then it may be an overwhelming topic.

Insurance companies hold a lot of personal data and a single breach can be detrimental for their reputation and, more importantly, their clients. So, when insurance company Travelers put together this infographic explaining their key elements of a data security policy, we thought it worthy to share, especially for those unfamiliar with the topic. Is there anything you would add or remove?data security policy infographic