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Quick Poll Results: How do you get into work each day?

The long awaited results of last month’s Contractor Quick Poll are finally in! We asked independent contractors how they get into work each day: bike, car, walk or public transportation. The results are below and you may be surprised to learn the answer.

If you didn’t get a chance to have your say, it’s still not too late, the poll is still open here! If you have any insight about the results, we’d love to hear it. Please leave a note in the comments section below.

How do you get into work each day?

Quick Poll Results: How do you get into work each day?

Contractor Quick Poll: How do you get into work each day?

In this month’s quick poll, we’re curious to know how IT contractors get themselves to and from the office each day. Do you live close to the office and are you active enough to enjoy a walk each morning and afternoon? Do you appreciate the comfort and convenience of your car where you can listen to the radio? Do you avoid traffic and take advantage of cost savings and environmental benefits with public transportation or your bike? Or, do you work from home and this entire post is irrelevant to you?

Regardless, we’d love to learn more and see if there’s a trend among our readers. Feel free to share your experiences or opinions in the comments section of this post.