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If (When?) Facebook Falls, What Will Replace It?

Facebook celebrated its 15-year anniversary earlier this year. On top of the company’s obvious success and growth, it has also received its share of bad press. Especially in recent years, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been on the defence in security and privacy debates with some of the highest courts in the world. This leaves the world curious to find out what the future of Facebook will hold and, if it fades away, what will replace the social media phenomenon?

This video from The Economist takes a stab at answering those questions. It suggests that platforms like Mastaton (which is open source and community run) or Blockstack (a platform based on Blockchain) are both contenders for beating out the behemoth that is Facebook.

How Blockchain Technology Will Impact M-Commerce and Security Industry in 2019

Since its introduction, Blockchain technology has wowed the IT world with its multi-faceted use, and 2019 looks like it will be no different. While Blockchain has already made large amounts of headway in the mobile app development, retail, and financial sectors, it is beginning to dive further into app security, M-Commerce, and payments, which will in turn, make records tamper-proof and more reliable than ever before. In appTech’s infographic we are able to see just how Blockchain is affecting our ability to pay wirelessly using our phones, and how certain apps and concepts are becoming more secure the more developed they become.

How Blockchain Technology Will Impact M-Commerce and Security Industry in 2019

How Does Blockchain Work? (“simply” explained)

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through tech blogs or business articles these days without reading about some form of cryptocurrency or other technology secured by a Blockchain. Last week, we shared a video showing how hackers crack passwords and explaining some basic hash techniques that help protect passwords. That technology is child’s play compared to Blockchain technology.

Most of us can accept that Blockchains are one of the best ways to secure information today, but understanding how they work and what they do is a whole other story. If you do understand, then how are you at explaining it. Regardless, this video from Simply Explained is touted as the best video on YouTube for explaining how a Blockchain works.

Cartoon Cats: The Hottest Collectable Since Baseball Cards

You read that title right. Cartoon cats — or CryptoKitties — are one of the latest and hottest technology trends to come from the blockchain and already, people have spent over $23 million collecting them. Like baseball cards, people can purchase and collect their own CryptoKitty; however, they can also use the genetic make-up of their kitty (embedded in code) to breed and create new, unique carton cats.

The technology behind CryptoKitties is incredible. If you follow Blockchain technology or like to be up on the latest collectables, we recommend you check out this video from Vox which explains the fad in detail. Whether it leaves you excited, perplexed or curious for more, we guarantee you’ll be talking about this one with your friends this weekend.

More Tech Trends to Expect Before the Year’s Through

Regardless of how intrenched you are in technology during your everyday life, somehow, technological advances continue to surprise and awe all of us as the innovations are announced. It’s exciting (and sometimes scary) to think about where we’ll be in 10, 20 or even 50 years and looking back, it’s crazy to think about where we were just 10 years ago. Have you ever taken a look back to see where we were 1 year ago?

The amount that can happen within just a year is unreal and 2018 is not expected to be any different. Already headlines have been filled with Blockchain and AI breakthroughs, and companies keep releasing new devices that change the way we live. Back in January, Interquest Group published an infographic that predicted trends for 2018. While some are starting to take shape, others still aren’t quite here yet.

Are you the geeky tech type who likes to be on top of all trends as they come? If so, how do you think we’re doing on these predictions and will they all come true by December?

Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends 2018 - #infographic