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2017 in Review: Being Awesome at Work

2017 in Review: Being Awesome at WorkWe frequently provide advice and tips for performing better at work. These softer skills may not be what brings your rate up, but they will be the differentiators that get you positive references and more likely to get you your next gig.

These posts are fantastic for time management…

And these will help you work better with and manage others…

Are there any other topics you’d like to see more of to help you improve soft skills and perform better on the job?

2017 in Review: Independent Contracting

2017 in Review: Independent ContractingAt the core of the Talent Development Centre is our desire to help independent contractors gain more opportunities and be more successful in their business. That is this blog’s mission. So, when summarizing a year, it’s only natural to review some of the most popular posts on the topic.

First, there’s the business of independent contracting…

Another part of being a contractor is working with staffing agencies. In many cases, it’s inevitable. Here are a few tips to help the relationship go smoothly…

2017 in Review: Finding New Opportunities

Finding new opportunities is an endless job for an independent contractor. In fact, if you’re on holidays right now, you may be working at it today. There are many strategies you can take to find the best opportunities and we talk about them frequently on the Talent Development Centre. 2017 did not lack in these posts. If you missed any, here’s a summary of our favourite ones:

It’s important to always develop skills, regardless of your trade, if you want to remain competitive and stand out among your peers. Here are a few posts on that topic…

Most people search for jobs online but not everybody uses the World Wide Web to its fullest potential. If you think you can improve there, check out these posts…

Finally, these posts will help you think outside the box a bit more and look to areas you may not have yet considered…

2017 in Review: Resumes and Job Interviews

Top Posts of 2017

Top Posts of 2017Finally, the most anticipated blog post of the holiday season – Eagle’s top Talent Development Centre posts of the year.

The TDC gets great feedback from independent contractors who enjoy the tips, advice and entertainment. These posts from the past year were the most popular, according to our analytics. If you missed any, these are absolutely the ones you want to check out today and share with your friends…

  1. The Myth of the ‘2 Page Resume’
  2. Calgary IT Job Market Update at the end of November 2017
  3. Canada’s Proposed Tax Changes: Are you “up” on what’s coming?
  4. 10 Ways to Stay Safe on Free WiFi
  5. The Key Differences Between Contract and Permanent Resumes
  6. 9 Questions Independent Contractors Should Ask All Recruiters
  7. Applying for a Contract Job vs a Permanent Position
  8. What Rate Should IT Contractors Charge?
  9. Permanent Employment vs. Contracting: A Fine Line with No Clear “Right” Answer
  10. NAFTA Revisions and Technology Workers in the US