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Quick Poll Results: Do you customize your resume?

Last month’s contractor quick poll set out to find out how many independent contractors follow the age-old advice of customizing their resume for each job application submitted. Experts tell us time and again that this is one of the best ways a professional can stand out.

The results below show what the IT contracting community across Canada thinks about customizing resumes, and it seems the vast majority do it at least some of the time. If you don’t do it, what’s stopping you? Does it take too much time? Do you disagree with those who say it will make you more competitive? If you are customizing your resume, have you seen results that justify the time commitment? We’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below!

Quick Poll Results: Do you customize your resume?

4 thoughts on “Quick Poll Results: Do you customize your resume?

  1. In today’s world, with jobs being scarce (I’m a Business Analyst), I feel that it’s important to customize to fit the role.

  2. I can present my skills in one of three different perspectives. For that reason alone I need to customize my resume. Additionally, I feel that customizing my resume is like researching the company I’m about to interview with. If I haven’t found out at least a little about who they are, what they do, and where they are going, then I’m not going to sound as engaged in the interview and they won’t feel like I care. If I put in the time to do the research, which usually only takes 10 or 20 minutes, I have found that in almost all cases, I can use some of that information during the interview … which I know improves my likelihood of landing the position.

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