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Programmers: This Video Could Get You a Job Next Year

There are so many programming languages out there that it’s impossible to keep up with everything. Some tech professionals don’t let this bother them, and focus at getting awesome at a select few. Other people like to keep up with the latest trends and be able to brag to recruiters and clients that they can code using the newest technologies.

If the latter sounds like you, then we have a resource for you! This 16+minute video from Chris Hawkes is packed with great information and goes over the top 10 programming languages that you should learn in 2017. Watch it and see which languages you can pick-up over the next couple months, then watch as you become the go-to independent contractor for some of the coolest projects in the coming year.

2 thoughts on “Programmers: This Video Could Get You a Job Next Year

  1. That was a very interesting article. I’ve been using JavaScript as a Web Developer for years but never realized how important it may be a I usually just find a JS Script and modify it to my requirements. I really enjoy PHP but for system applications which interact with sensors and mechanical applications I imagine I’ll have to pick up Python more often. I’m using some Python for interactivity of my personal spaces (lights in my house, security sensors) but I’ve never applied it within an enterprise environment. Thanks for the great article Chris, I’ll look forward to following more articles by you.

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