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Professionalism means a lot of different things. It can relate to knowledge, to skill and it can also relate to attitude. One of the characteristics that many people also associate with professionalism is consistency.  Clients specifically always expect conHappy Professionalsistency in performance and expect consistency in attitude.

So how does this affect the average independent contractor? One of the growing trends in the workplace is a propensity for people to just say what comes into their head. If they are in a bad mood, everybody knows it and if they are upset about something everybody knows it, and usually if they are in a great mood everybody knows that too.

The truth is, in our professional lives, we should put on “our professional face”. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, or joke around it just means that you are consistent in your demeanor. What brand you choose is another story and should be one that meets your needs in the context of your career aspirations. The people who are not consistent are typically affected by their moods and as professionals, we should do our best to regulate our moods.

The message here — Decide on your professional brand, and stick to it. It’s all your choice.  What’s your professional brand?  How do you maintain it?  Let us know in the comments below!

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