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How Weak Are Your Passwords?

“Passwords are like apples in a fictional garden” – that’s the opening phrase in this video from Seeker. In it, they explain the basics of how passwords work, different security strategies, and above all, how hackers understand all of this to break into your account.

We create passwords for everything — social networks, job boards, online stores, government websites, the list is endless. As such, you should regularly review your security processes to ensure you’re not being hacked. One simple slip can lead somebody to your banking and identification information, which could in turn complicate your life beyond belief. So, we strongly encourage you to review this video. If you’re an IT security expert, we’d love your suggestions as well! Please share any additional tips in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “How Weak Are Your Passwords?

  1. A very useful tool available to create and/or store PWs securely is called Dashlane. And, without device-to-device syncing, it is FREE!

    As of April 2017, it is still not compatible with Windows 10, but works well on other platforms.

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