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First-Hand Advice for New Immigrants to Find an IT Job in Canada

As one of Canada’s largest IT staffing agencies with a wide national presence, it’s no surprise that we hear from skilled technology professionals from around the world. The majority of Eagle’s clients require applicants that are already in Canada and legally able to work here, so unfortunately, there is little we can do for applicants that don’t to meet those requirements.

Coming to Canada from another country and finding work is no easy task. There are hundreds of details to get through, including completing paperwork, organizing your family, arranging living and, of course, the job search. A number of resources are in place to help get settled and find work in Canada, but perhaps one of the best strategies is learning from somebody who has already been through the experience.

Sim & Sid’s YouTube channel is only a few months old, but already contains over a dozen videos with valuable advice. Together, they share their experiences of coming to Canada and answer questions about common challenges. In this video, Sid shares his job search experience and provides first-hand advice for immigrants looking for an IT job in Canada.

9 thoughts on “First-Hand Advice for New Immigrants to Find an IT Job in Canada

  1. Fantastic job, Sim and Sid. As a new immigrant in Canada I know how real the struggle is. Such videos really break it down for us and provides great resource.

  2. Brilliant article.
    Precise, practical and insightful pointers on how to make headway in CN and adapt to CN work ethic.
    Notably, networking and soft skill updates are core strengths which are key to professional success.
    Remember,your network is your net worth!

  3. Very useful information. Sim & Sid’s Youtube videos provide relevant tips for making a successful transition to Canada.

  4. This video is very very helpful for all new immigrants..it gives you detailed insights and advice to job search in Canada.

  5. Wow such an amazing video about job search. As a new immigrant the first big concern is how to get a job.All small questions pertaining to job search are very well explained that too in such short span of time. Thanks for sharing and helping. Keep posting more

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments. Sim and Sid are definitely doing a great job at sharing valuable, heplful information!

  7. Sim and Sid have explained things about job search well. Also in their other videos they have shared lot of insights in the whole immigration process. It is definitely a value add for new comers. Kudos to them for sharing their experience!!!

  8. Have been following this channel since it was created. Really helpful for all those who are planning to shift to canada. The immigration process along with the job search experience is thoroughly explained in all the videos, even the slightest of things that do matter are covered.
    Would recommend this to all who need some light before deciding to apply for canadian PR.

  9. Very nicely explained! I just subscribed to Sim & Sid channel on Youtube!
    They have together put up more than 40 videos all on different topics and good thing about Sim & Sid is that they don’t promote clickbait or nonsense content like others!

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