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Enhance Your Personal Brand

Kevin Dee By Kevin Dee,
Chairman of the Board at Eagle

This post first appeared on the Eagle Blog on October 30th, 2012

Personal BrandIt is not that many years ago that the term “Personal Brand” did not exist!  Back then we built a “reputation”, “beefed up our resume”, strove to be a “thought leader”, were careful of our “image” etc.  However I like the all encompassing description of Personal Brand!

What can YOU do to enhance your Personal Brand?

  1. Be a “thought leader” … share your knowledge.
  2. Invest in yourself … never stop learning.
  3. Learn … beyond your “technical area”.  Professionals who truly understand how their technical skill impacts the business are most in demand.
  4. Network … and not JUST people like you!
  5. Dress for success!
  6. Get involved in your community … charities, industry associations, kid’s sports etc.
  7. Love what you do … you have to do it anyway so get your head into loving it!
  8. Work hard … be known as someone who delivers!
  9. Be positive … hang with positive people, think positive thoughts.
  10. Be an interesting person … keep up with current affairs, have opinions, listen to others!

Its all about raising your profile, establishing a positive reputation and living up to it!

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