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Doing it Right

Sometimes it is hard work to do things the right way.  It is often easier to take shortcuts.
You have to actually remember stuff in order to do things the right way.  Flying by the seat of your pants is just that much easier.  You are busy so people can’t expect too much, right?

Can YOU hear yourself?  Hopefully not, because this person doesn’t CARE, and that sucks!

Here is the deal:Thumb Up

  1. Not doing it right it puts your reputation at risk. You sold yourself to your client by saying that you will do it right!
  2. Not doing it right impacts clients!
  3. Not doing it right impacts business partners!
  4. Not doing it right inconveniences people in other parts of the project!
  5. Not doing it right costs you a client, money or your next gig with an agency because they only want to work with contractors who do it right!

Good professionals do it right because they CARE. Good companies make sure they work with contractors who understand that doing it right is the only option!

Do you care enough? Do clients want to work with you again or are they happy to see you leave when the contract is over?

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