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Does Anybody Know the Use of This Keyboard Key?

“Scroll Lock” — it stares at us all day long, yet have you ever questioned its use? Apparently few people ever do, yet there it is, appearing on all of our keyboards. As this video from CHM Tech says, even in the ’80s, an executive from a keyboard manufacturer admitted that he wasn’t completely sure of its purpose.

So, why is there a Scroll Lock key on your keyboard? Believe it or not, some people do use it! Just watch the video and learn how. Can this key help you? Do you already use it?

2 thoughts on “Does Anybody Know the Use of This Keyboard Key?

  1. Scroll lock is used when programming legacy application systems (ie COBOL). Traditionally the code is written Uppercase (IBM Keypunches didn’t support lowercase).

    For the record not all computer systems support lower case. For example the Control Data Corporation Machines only had six bit characters (that’s all that was needed for Fortran).

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