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Contractor Quick Poll Results: When do you prefer to hear from recruiters?

When the perfect opportunity for you comes across a recruiter’s desk, they want to get a hold of you as quickly as possible to find out if you’re interested and submit your application to the client. For some jobs, it’s a matter of hours before the opportunity closes, so speedy contact is key. Emails and texts are great, but there’s no better way to contact somebody quickly — and to have a good quality conversation — than by phone.

We all have different schedules and there are points in our day where a phone call with a recruiter simply isn’t feasible. In last month’s contractor quick poll, we asked you what times of day would be best to hear from a recruiter. The results were mixed, but it looks like we can draw one conclusion: few people want to talk to anyone before they’ve finished their morning coffee!

2 thoughts on “Contractor Quick Poll Results: When do you prefer to hear from recruiters?

  1. Since I don’t hear from recruiters at all, a phone call any time, just to see how I’m doing, would be nice. But my experience with recruiters are that they’re only interested in you if you can help them, so I don’t expect a call anytime soon.

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