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Contractor Quick Poll: How Often Do You Send Follow-Up Emails?

An common piece of advice provided by job search gurus is to always follow-up after an interview. Hand-written notes and cards have been recommended for decades and since the internet came around in the last 20-30 years, emails started to take their place (though some still believe in the power of a pen and paper).

Even with all of the preaching of interview follow-ups and research indicating their advantages, we still do not see independent contractors taking advantage of this quick and simple task. To get an understanding how important it is in to those in our industry, we’re asking about it in this month’s quick poll:

2 thoughts on “Contractor Quick Poll: How Often Do You Send Follow-Up Emails?

  1. Hello POSSIBLE future employment team…

    My name is Roy and I have been on the receiving end of barrages of questions from recruiters, being a contract person for almost 20 years of my 26 year illustrious career being an Engineering Designer for the world, (as I have designed plants and refineries on almost every continent), but the “patch” taking it on the chin for the last year or more and the trend of sending design work to thirld world countries, I am being forced to look into myself and deciding if my out going personality can do something other than get a few laughs. I am sure the past experiences I have with recruiters can make me money and provide a decent living. If you are willing to take a chance on me, I will probably set the bar higher than you can imagine. Call me. I am waiting to hear back.


    Roy Brennen
    (403) 474-6388

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