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Contractor Quick Poll: How often do you restart your cell phone?

Almost everybody has a cell phone of some sort. As different as they come, they all have one absolute thing in common — they all turn off. Many experts recommend that we regularly restart our phones, to give it a reboot and allow apps to refresh. Still, regardless of their warnings, not everybody does. If they do, it may not happen as frequently as it should.

This month, we’re asking our readers, independent contractors who are technology experts, how often you reset your cell phone? Regardless of your answer, do you find it helps your phone’s performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Contractor Quick Poll: How often do you restart your cell phone?

  1. It’s recommended to regularly restart your Smart Phone. The reboot will reinitiate the OS running instance, renew your session and reinstate your memory. Best practice is to have a restart routine. I.e.: A shutdown at the end of each day and a startup early morning.

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