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Contractor Quick Poll: How do you spend those Lazy Days?

It’s that time of year! Those months when it’s more comfortable to stay inside and enjoy the comfort of your home rather than be outside in the winter weather. And that’s especially more enticing over the holiday season. Even for those Canadians who love being outdoors this time of year, inevitable extreme cold, snow storms, and ice rain will force everyone to cancel plans and stay home here and there.  Throw in physical distancing measures and you’re guaranteed a few lazy days in your near future. So, what are you going to do?

Sure, there’s work to be done for clients and chores to tackle around the house, but we all need time to do absolutely nothing. In this month’s contractor quick poll, we want to know your favourite way to spend a do-nothing, lazy day when you’re stuck inside.

3 thoughts on “Contractor Quick Poll: How do you spend those Lazy Days?

  1. I think it is important how we spend our so called leisure time. For our health, it helps to walk in the snow, and be up and down a lot. To grow our knowledge and understanding, I think it is important to read and to question and to follow our sense of curiosity about things. To promote happiness, I think it helps to do things for others and to be close to and interact with those around us. I have spent so many curiosity driven hours on Google. Googling refills the well for me.

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