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Contractor Quick Poll: Do you swear at work?

Do you have the mouth of a trucker at work? Do you curse like a sailor? Do you drop f-bombs like they’re going out of style? You’re not alone! And, in fact, some scientific studies show that swearing at work is not only acceptable, but encouraged!

We shared some articles last Summer about swearing in the workplace and the implications it can have on your career. Now, in this month’s contractor quick poll, we want to know how often you curse in a professional setting. Obviously, we’re not referring to formal situations like job interviews or client meetings, but in your everyday dealings with projects and colleagues, how frequently do you use foul language?

2 thoughts on “Contractor Quick Poll: Do you swear at work?

  1. I don’t think it’s really appropriate to “swear” like anywhere. Then again, maybe that’s just me so it’s OK if other people do it. Just don’t do it if it has racial or gender overtones cause that makes you look bad.

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