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Contractor Quick Poll: Do you customize your resume?

A very commonly heard technique when applying to jobs is to customize your resume so it’s tailored to match the specific job description. We hear it a lot, but how many independent contractors actually take the time to do it?

It’s completely understandable why you wouldn’t. IT contractors apply to numerous jobs with many agencies all the time, and continuously customizing would be a massive time commitment. As well, many job boards including Monster, Indeed and even Eagle allow you to upload your resume once and apply to multiple jobs without having to upload another. This allows you to quickly apply to new technology opportunities on the go, but if you’re on the go, you’re not able to customize a resume. (Tip: You can upload multiple files to your Eagle profile and track past jobs to which you have applied. Return any time to upload a new resume, changing the file name to match the Job ID of each specific job).

This bring us to our Contractor Quick Poll for this month — how many IT contractors customize their resume? Even more, we’d love to learn in the comments if you think it is, in fact, a helpful strategy.

2 thoughts on “Contractor Quick Poll: Do you customize your resume?

  1. Yes I do customize my resume, when there is enough information in the job posting that lets me highlight my varied experiences. I have had a very varied career so depending upon the requirements, I will tone down some aspects of the resume and add more information to other experiences. I keep three copies of generic resume’s and adjust them accordingly (long, medium, short.) I send each one, customized to the position. Another thing I do is I keep generic resume’s on file with professional services firms. Whether I use my medium or my long resume, depends upon whether or not the professional services firm uses a database to store it (long resume) or keeps the word copy and has someone read the details each time (medium resume). If I am applying on a company site to a job posted by that firm, I use a 2 page resume.

    1. It sounds like you have a very solid and well-thought out process, Christine. Thank you for sharing your experience, this information is sure to help many other job seekers!

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