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As you may already be aware, Eagle’s “Eagle Elite” program is a certification recognizing outstanding contractors who fully complete their contracts, receive glowing reviews from the client and, above all else, follow a Contractor Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is a simple set of guidelines and we refrain from working with any contractor who doesn’t adhere to them.

It would be great if there were no need to have these guidelines. In fact, some of the best contractors we know are a little taken aback that we would ask them to agree to a Code of Ethics. It’s only when we share stories of the poor behaviour of “the few” contractors that Comic with a bad contractortarnish the industry that they gain a better understanding and most are keen to let the world know of their professionalism.

It is interesting to see some of the antics of some contractors. We have had people go through the entire process, from interviews to rate negotiations.  They are happy to have been awarded the contract until they find out the person next to them earns a dollar more! What must a client think when a highly paid professional who has made a contractual commitment starts complaining about their pay just days into a contract! (TIP: The time for rate discussions is up front, once it’s done get on with the contract!)

A hot market can bring out the worst in people. We have seen people with long-term contractual commitments, who are key resources on projects, hold their clients to ransom because they suddenly decide that if they move they can get more money. Yes, they can get more money, but a negative reputation follows and is one that our industry inherits!

It is fortunately a very small minority who act in this manner and the vast majority of contractors do operate ethically. They are business people and act that way.  Our clients love to work with these contractors and we look forward to adding more of these contractors to the Eagle Elite.

Have you witnessed unethical behavior from other contractors?  What about from agencies? Share your experiences below!

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